Zombie Bonus Overview 2024

What is Zombie Bonus?

Zombie Bonus in Royal Win is a thrilling shooting game in which players must defeat swarms of zombies in order to earn large payouts. The game is divided into levels: Elementary, Medium, Higher, Mega, Super, and Extreme Battlefield, each with its own set of obstacles and prizes. In this game, players must aim the small zombies to gain 2x-10x or 1-3 bullets, which adds to the thrill and adrenaline of the game.

How to Play Zombie Bonus?

  • Select Your Level: Choose the level you want to play, ranging from Elementary to Extreme Battlefield, each with its own challenges and rewards.
  • Aim Your Weapon: Use the game’s controls to aim your weapon at the little zombies.
  • Shoot the Zombies: Wait for the zombies to approach, then use your skills to shoot them down. Aim for the most zombies to increase your winnings.
  • Collect Bullets: Collect bullets dropped by the zombies to replenish your ammunition and continue playing.
  • Win Big: Aim to survive the zombie onslaught and earn big rewards in 3 Zombie Bonus.

Tips and Hacks for Playing Zombie Bonus

  • Focus on Accuracy: Aim carefully to hit the little zombies and avoid wasting bullets.
  • Manage Your Ammunition: Collect bullets dropped by zombies to replenish your ammunition and prolong your gameplay.
  • Watch for Special Zombies: Keep an eye out for special zombies that may offer bonus rewards or special abilities.

Can You Win Big by Playing Zombie Bonus?

Yes, you can win big by playing Zombie Bonus, especially if you focus on accuracy and efficiency in shooting down the zombies. With its challenging gameplay and rewarding features, Zombie Bonus offers players the chance to win big and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience.

Three Best Casino Platforms to Play Zombie Bonus

  • Royal Club: Dive into the spooky realm of Zombie Bonus at Royal Club, where players may experience an exhilarating gaming session brimming with excitement from the undead. Royal Club offers a compelling gaming experience where users may pit their skills against the undead horde in an intuitive interface. At Royal Club, take on the survival challenge and win rewards.
  • Zombies Slot: Enter the zombie apocalypse with Zombie Slot, a platform specifically designed for gamers who enjoy games with a zombie theme. With its horrifying assortment of games, which includes Zombie Bonus, Zombie Slot transports players to a zombie-infested environment. Spin the reels at Zombie Slot and get ready for a terrifying journey.
  • VegasSlotOnline: Enter the heart of the undead with VegasSlotOnline’s Zombie Bonus, one of the best places to play exciting casino games. VegasSlotOnline offers players an amazing gaming experience full of zombie mayhem with its engrossing graphics and intense gameplay. At VegasSlotOnline, escape the zombie apocalypse and retrieve your winnings.


Is it possible to play Zombie Bonus for free?

  • Zombie Bonus may be available for free play in a demo version at certain online casinos then proceed to real betting afterwards. To find out about availability, contact your favorite casino.

Which Zombie Bonus levels are there?

  • There are various levels in Zombie Bonus, such as Elementary, Medium, Higher, Mega, Super, and Extreme Battlefield, each with its own prizes and obstacles.

In Zombie Bonus, how can I get bullets?

  • By taking down zombies in Zombie Bonus, you can obtain bullets. You can gather the one to three bullets that each zombie drops to restock your ammunition.

Is it possible to play Zombie Bonus on a smartphone?

  • Indeed, Zombie Bonus is compatible with smartphones and tablets and is intended for mobile play.

Are there any strategies to win a lot of money in Zombie Bonus?

  • In order to improve your chances of winning large in Zombie Bonus, concentrate on accuracy, use your ammunition carefully, and keep an eye out for unusual zombies. 
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