Agent Daily Salary at Royal Win Bonuses

Agent Daily Salary

Using your own Referral Link

The Royal Win Bonuses and Agent Daily Salary System present a unique and innovative way to boost your earnings through your personal referral link. This system serves as the primary method for increasing your income as a Royal Win Agent. By sharing your unique referral link, you have the opportunity to invite new members to join our platform. As these new members sign up and engage with Royal Win, you will benefit from a lucrative bonus structure designed to reward your efforts.

When new members join using your referral link, you earn bonuses based on their activities and participation on the platform. This means that the more active your referred members are, the greater your potential earnings. The Agent Daily Salary System ensures that you receive consistent income based on the performance of your referrals, providing a reliable and ongoing source of revenue.

Agent Daily Salary: How It Works?

Referring Members: There will be a safety net to guarantee revenue when you recommend at least 1 to 5 people to Royal Win. You will get a bonus of 100 Rupees for each member you invite.

Note: Every member you recommend must finish a minimum first recharge of 300 Rupees to qualify for this prize.

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First Bonus Tiers

Your profits increase considerably with each invite you send to new members.

The bonus tiers are broken down as follows:

  • 5 Referrals = 251 RS
  • 10 Referrals = 601 RS
  • 30 Referrals = 2101 RS
  • 50 Referrals = 4001 RS
  • 100 Referrals = 9001 RS
  • 300 Referrals = 30001 RS
  • 500 Referrals = 75001 RS
  • 1000 Referrals = 200001 RS

Benefits of Becoming an Agent

As an out standing agent, you will receive three major bonuses that are impatiently awaiting your arrival. This innovative endeavour offers not only financial benefits, but also a platform for personal and professional development.

Referral Bonus: As an agent with Royal Win, you can increase your earnings with our Referral Bonus.

Weekly Salary: This bonus is intended to recognise your consistent success and commitment to promoting our platform. Every week, agents are paid compensation depending on their activity and successes, providing a consistent stream of revenue to support their efforts as agents.

Daily Commission: Our Daily Commission scheme allows Royal Win agents to earn commissions on a daily basis based on their performance and activity.

Anniversary Daily Bonus: On the anniversary of your collaboration with us, we’ll give you a special daily bonus as a gesture of our appreciation for your continued support and dedication to promoting our platform. It is our way of expressing gratitude for your devotion and commitment as a valued member of the Royal  Win team.

Sample Computation

Assume that you have successfully signed up 30 users as Agents for Royal Win, and on that day, each of them completed their first ₹300 recharge. Here’s how your income would appear:

Breakdown of Income:

By referring 30 new users, you fall into the “11-30 Referrals Tier” of Royal Win’s bonus structure. According to this tier, you earn ₹100 for each new referral who completes their first recharge.

Calculation of Earnings:

  • Number of referrals in the 11–30 Referrals Tier: 30
  • Bonus per referral: ₹100
  • Total bonus earned: 30 referrals * ₹100 = ₹3,000

Total Earnings:

Your total earnings for the day, based on signing up 30 users who each completed a ₹300 recharge, amount to ₹3,000. This calculation is based solely on the referral bonus structure, where each qualifying referral generates a ₹100 bonus.

Prompt Transfer of Earnings:

Rest assured, your earnings will be promptly transferred to your account. Royal Win ensures that all bonuses and commissions are processed efficiently, so you can quickly enjoy the rewards of your efforts. You can monitor your earnings and track the status of your transfers through your Royal Win account dashboard.


  • Total number of referrals: 30
  • Recharge amount per referral: ₹300
  • Bonus per referral: ₹100
  • Total earnings: ₹3,000

This example demonstrates the immediate financial benefit of recruiting new users and highlights the efficiency of Royal Win’s earnings transfer process. By consistently signing up new users and encouraging their active participation, you can build a substantial and recurring income stream as a Royal Win Agent.

Mystery Bonus

Depending on the overall number of deposits and withdrawals made by their players, the agents will receive an additional secret bonus. This bonus is designed to reward agents for the activity and engagement of the users they have referred to Royal Win. The more active and financially engaged your referred players are, the higher your potential secret bonus.

How the Secret Bonus Works:

  1. Track Player Activity: The secret bonus is calculated based on the total number of deposits and withdrawals made by your referred players over a specific period. This ensures that agents are incentivized to recruit active and engaged players.

  2. Performance-Based Rewards: The exact amount of the secret bonus is not disclosed upfront, adding an element of surprise and excitement. It is directly tied to the financial activity of your players, meaning that higher deposits and withdrawals will result in a larger bonus.

  3. Periodic Evaluation: The secret bonus is typically evaluated and awarded on a periodic basis, such as monthly or quarterly. This allows agents to see the cumulative impact of their efforts over time.

  4. Encourages Active Engagement: By linking the bonus to player activity, Royal Win encourages agents to stay engaged with their referrals, offering support and motivation to keep their players active on the platform.

  5. Bonus Notification: When the secret bonus is awarded, agents will be notified through their Royal Win account dashboard. This notification will include details about the bonus amount and the period it covers.


The secret bonus is a unique and exciting way for agents to earn additional income based on the financial activity of their referred players. By focusing on both deposits and withdrawals, Royal Win ensures that agents are rewarded for recruiting and maintaining a network of active and engaged users. This bonus not only boosts agents’ earnings but also encourages them to foster a vibrant and dynamic community within the Royal Win platform.

How to Qualify:

Rules of “Royal Win”

  1. It is prohibited to register multiple accounts for arbitrage defraud bonuses using the same mobile phone (as well as to use several accounts with the same IP). Using numerous mobile phones to open multiple arbitrage accounts is likewise forbidden.
  2. It is forbidden to pair up Dragon and Tiger, Big and Small, or Odd and Even within the same time.
  3. It is not permitted for members at different levels to bet on Dragon and Tiger, Big and Small, or Odd and Even separately within the same period.
    Additionally, betting on Odd and Even, Big and Small, or Dragon and Tiger simultaneously with several accounts is prohibited.
  4. In the event that extraordinary circumstances call for the creation of a new account, kindly request permission from the teacher.
  5.  Each participant is limited to one Royal Win account. Cheating, arbitrage, and speculating in any form are forbidden.
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