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Ezugi’s adventure began with a vision of transforming live dealer gambling. Ezugi was founded in 2012 and immediately established itself as a formidable participant in the business. From the start, the company focused on using modern technologies to improve the live game experience. Key milestones, such as the establishment of many studios and collaborations with major online operators, have solidified Ezugi’s position as a live dealer solutions pioneer.

With its cutting-edge technology, Ezugi at Royal Win, a provider of next-generation live dealer casino platforms, is transforming the online gaming industry. Ezugi Live differentiates itself in an era where digital experiences are critical by providing premium gaming, retention, and distribution solutions designed for online operators, physical casinos, and sportsbooks. However, why is Ezugi’s platform so appealing? Let’s explore the world of Ezugi Live and learn about its cutting-edge features and amazing player experience.

Ezugi Live Dealer Games

Traditional Table Games

The core of Ezugi’s live dealer selection consists of its traditional table games. These games are made to look and feel much like real casinos, bringing the excitement of the gambling floor right to the screens of the gamers. A closer look at a few of the classics is provided here:

  • Blackjack: Ezugi Live offers a variety of Blackjack variations, each designed to add a distinctive twist to the classic game. Whether it’s Classic Blackjack, Unlimited Blackjack, or Blackjack with side bets like Perfect Pairs and 21+3, gamers can pick a game that meets their preferences. 
  • Roulette: Ezugi Live is Roulette games are the ideal combination of tradition and innovation. Players can enjoy traditional European Roulette or choose Auto-Roulette for a faster-paced experience. The games use dynamic camera perspectives, which allow players to swap between several angles to get a better look at the spinning wheel and ball. 
  • Baccarat: A cornerstone in Ezugi Live is  collection, Baccarat is known for its elegant and simple design. Players can pick from Speed Baccarat, No Commission Baccarat, and Dragon Bonus Baccarat. 

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Unique Game Shows

These game shows are intended to be very participatory and captivating; they frequently have likable hosts and a wide range of betting options. Among the notable game shows are:

  • Bet on Numbers: This game offers the thrill of a casino game combined with the suspense of a lottery draw. Bets on various number combinations are accepted, and the game is hosted live with in-the-moment drawings. 
  • Ezugi’s Live Keno presents a contemporary interpretation of the traditional lottery game. As their selected numbers are revealed, players may watch as the numbers are drawn in real-time, with suspense mounting. 
  • Dream Catcher: Various multipliers increase the thrill as players wager on which segment the wheel will stop at. Those who prefer game shows find Dream Catcher to be rather popular due to its dynamic visuals and captivating hosts.

Special Features

The special features created to raise player excitement and engagement are what really make Ezugi’s live dealer games stand out. Here are a few of the noteworthy attributes:

  • Side Bets: These wagers increase the thrill factor and have the potential to pay out more. For example, in Baccarat, players can wager on Dragon Bonus or Banker Pair, while in Blackjack, they can bet on Perfect Pairs or 21+3.
  • Multiple Camera Angles: Ezugi Live is renowned for their excellent production standards, which include multiple camera angles that offer various perspectives of the action. This is evident in their games. To improve their overall experience, players can rotate between various viewpoints to obtain a better look at the dealer, the table, or the game that is currently in process.
  • Live Chat: Using the live chat feature, players may communicate in real time with both dealers and other players. The social component of the live casino experience enhances its authenticity and makes it more entertaining. Players can establish a more intimate relationship with the dealer by chatting, commenting, and asking questions.
  • translated Games: Many of Ezugi Live games are available in translated versions with themes that are appropriate for the local culture and dealers that speak fluent English. This localization effort improves the entire experience by making sure that players from other locations feel welcome and at ease. For instance, Russian players can play Russian Roulette with a dealer who speaks their local tongue, while Turkish players can enjoy Turkish Roulette with a dealer who speaks their language.

Safety and Fairness Treatment

In the gaming industry, security and fair play are crucial, and Ezugi Live excels in these areas. To safeguard player information and guarantee the integrity of its games, the platform uses strict security protocols. The impartiality of Ezugi’s services is confirmed by frequent audits and certifications by impartial organizations. Knowing that they are taking part in a safe and open gaming atmosphere allows players to relax. 

To protect financial and personal data from cyber threats and unlawful access, advanced encryption methods are used. To further guarantee that all game results are impartial and fair, Ezugi Live periodically tests its live dealer protocols and random number generators (RNGs). Because of its dedication to security and fairness, Ezugi Live is regarded as a dependable option in the online gaming industry by both partners and gamers.


What distinguishes Ezugi from other services that offer live dealers?

  • Ezugi sets itself apart with its cutting-edge technology, a wide selection of games, and commitment to localization. The platform stands out from rivals thanks to its flawless integration, excellent streaming, and user-friendly UI.

Can mobile devices be used to play Ezugi games?

  • Indeed, Ezugi games are mobile-optimized, offering a dependable and excellent experience on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The platform adapts to varying screen sizes automatically, guaranteeing usability and accessibility.

How is fair play in Ezugi’s games ensured?

  • In order to guarantee the integrity and fairness of its games, Ezugi uses strict security protocols and conducts frequent audits by impartial organizations. In order to offer a safe and open gaming environment, the platform complies with stringent regulatory requirements.

What advantages do operators who use Ezugi’s platform have?

  • Ezugi offers operators a wide range of features that are optimized to increase player engagement and retention. The platform’s appeal to operators seeking to offer a premium gaming experience is further enhanced by its simplicity of integration, extensive game library, and localized content.

How is localization for various markets handled by Ezugi?

  • Ezugi provides intelligent, regionally-specific content that is adapted to the tastes of various areas. In order to provide players with a more interesting and genuine gaming experience, this involves offering games that are representative of regional cultures and languages and hiring dealers who speak the language fluently.
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