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Three Six Five (365) Games was formed with a mission to transform internet gaming. From humble beginnings, the company concentrated on developing high-quality, immersive games for a global audience. Initially, the company’s game collection was small, but it quickly expanded due to a dedication to excellence and innovation.

Three Six Five Games, often known as 365 Games, is a major game provider in the online casino market. With the rise of online gaming, the job of trustworthy and innovative game providers has become increasingly important. They not only provide a diverse selection of fascinating games, but they also maintain the security and fairness of the gaming experience. So, let’s look at what makes Three Six Five Games a key participant in this space.

Security and Fair Play

Measures to ensure security

In the world of online gaming, security is critical. Three Six Five Games protects players’ information with strong security features like as encryption technology, secure payment gateways, and tough data protection processes. These safeguards prevent unwanted access and keep sensitive data safe from cyber dangers. In addition, they deploy modern firewalls and intrusion detection systems to improve security. Regular security audits and updates guarantee that their systems are resilient to emerging threats, giving gamers a safe and trustworthy gaming environment.

Fair Play Policies

Random number generators (RNGs) are used to assure fairness, and independent authorities conduct frequent audits. This transparency fosters trust among players by ensuring that they are playing in a fair and unbiased gaming environment. RNGs are important because they ensure that game results are entirely random and cannot be altered. Furthermore, Three Six Five Games is committed to transparency, having published audit results and giving full game fairness reports. They also promote responsible gaming habits and have incorporated features like self-exclusion and betting limitations to help users manage their gaming activity appropriately.

Few Games Provided by 365(Three Six Five) Games


Basic rules:

  • No. of players: The game can be played with 3-7 persons.
  • Dice: A total of three drives. Each dice has six sides with representations of a stag, a calabash gourd, a rooster, a fish, a crab, and a prawn.
  • Become a banker: A player whose balance is less than base points*1000 may not become a banker.
  • How to Select a Banker: The System randomly selects a banker from among the players who have chosen to become bankers. If there is no volunteer, the algorithm selects a banker at random from among the eligible players.
  • Bet: After the banker has rolled the dice cup, the player may make a bet. Bets can be placed in any approved area. When the wager amount on a selected area hits the maximum payment limit, the region cannot accept additional bets. When the betting period is over, the banker will reveal the dice and the payout will be based on the outcome.


Fundamental Guidelines:

  • The number of players: Two to five people can play this game.
  • Play Cards: a conventional 52-card deck sans jokers.
  • How to choose a banker: For each player who qualified to become a banker, the System chose a banker at random. The algorithm chooses a banker at random from among all players if no one volunteers.

Pull a card

  • When the banker’s hand contains a Pok, all players must expose their hands and no drawing is permitted.
  • The banker’s card will be automatically drawn by the system if the total of their first two cards is five points or less.
  • The system will automatically lock the banker’s hand if the sum of the banker’s first two cards is six points or more.
  • The player will automatically draw a card from the system if the sum of their first two cards is four points or less.
  • The player may choose to draw a card or not if the sum of their first two cards is greater than four points.

Sort of Hands

  • Рoк 8, Рoк 9: There are eight or nine points in total from two cards.
  • Padding 8, Padding 9: When two cards are of the same rank or suit, the total of those two cards is either eight or nine points.
  • Three of a Kind (Tang): Three identically ranked cards.
  • Three cards in the same suit and consecutive rank make up a straight flush.
  • Straight: Three cards, not all of the same suit, but all of sequential rank.
  • Three K, Q, or J cards make up the royal (Sam Lueang) deck.
  • Three Cards (San Geng): Three identically suited cards.
  • Two Cards (Sony Dana): Two identically ranked cards in the same suit


Basic rules:

  • Players: This game can be played by up to four players.
  • Bet: Any player may choose the desired payoff. The more gold available, the greater the payoff. If the player does not select a payout within the allotted period, the system will establish the minimal payout for the player.
  • Deal: Five cards are dealt to each participant; the “Announce Hand” button is the only way for a player to observe their own hand.
  • Proclaim hand: After each player has been dealt five cards, they may proclaim their own hand and compare it to that of another player. If the player does not proclaim his or her hand within the time frame specified, the system will do it automatically.
  • Compare: When all players proclaim their hands, they compare their hands with one another. The game may be won by the hand with the highest ranking. The best players lose the game and compensate the winner proportionally.


Basic Rules:

  • This game can be played with three people.
  • Cards: Each player is dealt 16 cards from a deck of 48 cards that does not include Jokers, an Ace, or three “2” cards.
  • Double: Each player has the option of doubling their own scores.
  • Play: The player with the 3 diamonds starts the play, and the following player continues the trick. All players battle on their own.
  • The first player to run out of cards wins the game.
  • Last Card Rule: If the next player holds his or her last card, the person who came before must play the card with the highest value.

Card combinations:

  • Single Cards: Any card in the deck, 2>A>K>Q>J>10>9>8>7>6>5>4>3.
  • Pairs: Any two cards with matching ranks.
  • Two Pairs: Any two pairs of two cards with equal ranks.
  • Trio with Two: Three cards of equal rank, plus one pair or two single cards.
  • Trio with One: Three equal-ranked cards and one single card (cannot be played until it is the last four cards).
  • Trio: Three equal-ranked cards that cannot be played except as the last three cards.
  • Aeroplane: Two sets of Trio plus an equal number of Pairs/Single Cards, unless the player’s hand is insufficient.
  • Four-of-a-kind: Any set of four cards with the same rank

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Community & Social Responsibility

Engaging with the Gaming Community

Three Six Five Games actively participates in the gaming community via forums, social media, and events. This interaction allows them to stay aware of player wants and preferences. They hold regular Q&A sessions and feedback boards where players may express their thoughts and ideas directly to the company. Furthermore, Three Six Five Games sponsors gaming contests and conventions, allowing players to interact with one another and with company personnel. Three Six Five Games fosters a feeling of community among its players, resulting in strong relationships and useful insights into emerging gaming trends.

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

The company is also dedicated to corporate social responsibility. Their worldview includes initiatives that promote responsible gaming, support charity causes, and reduce their environmental footprint. Three Six Five Games collaborates with groups that promote responsible gaming education, providing tools and support to players who may be battling with gaming addiction. Furthermore, they give a portion of their income to nonprofit organizations that promote education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. In addition to financial donations, Three Six Five Games incorporates environmentally friendly measures into its operations, such as lowering energy use and promoting recycling. Three Six Five Games seeks to positively impact society while fulfilling its position as a responsible corporate citizen by stressing social responsibility.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Three Six Five Games has some interesting plans. Upcoming releases promise even more unique features and engaging gameplay, with an emphasis on growing their virtual reality and AI-powered game portfolio. Their goal for the future is to become the premier game provider in the online casino business. Their long-term strategy focuses on continuous innovation, global expansion, and maintaining high quality and fairness standards. Three Six Five Games strives to delight players with engaging gaming experiences while establishing itself as a trusted industry leader by being on the cutting edge of technology and gaming trends.


What kind of games do Three Six Five Games offer?

  • Three Six Five Games offers a diverse selection of games, such as slots, table games, live dealer games, and specialty games. Their wide repertoire offers something for every style of player.

Is Three Six Five Games secure and fair?

  • Yes, Three Six Five Games values security and fairness. They use powerful encryption technology, secure payment channels, and random number generators (RNGs) to create a safe and unbiased gaming environment. Regular audits by outside groups also help to keep standards high.

How do I get Three Six Five Games on my mobile?

  • You can access Three Six Five Games on your mobile device by downloading their app or visiting their mobile-friendly website. Their games work with both iOS and Android smartphones, providing a smooth gaming experience on the road.

What promos do Three Six Five Games offer?

  • Three Six Five Games provides a variety of promos, including welcome bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, free spins, and loyalty awards. They also host special promotions, such as seasonal events and tournaments with big prizes.

What security precautions does Three Six Five Games take?

  • Three Six Five Games employs strong security measures, such as encryption technologies, secure payment gateways, powerful firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. Regular security assessments and updates improve the protection of gamers’ information.

What responsible gaming features does Three Six Five Games provide?

  • Three Six Five Games provides various responsible gaming features, including self-exclusion choices, betting restrictions, and tools for players who need assistance managing their gaming habits. They are dedicated to promoting responsible gaming behavior.

How does Three Six Five Games interact with the gaming community?

  • Three Six Five Games connects with the gaming community via forums, social media, and events. They hold Q&A sessions, sponsor gaming competitions, and attend conferences, providing opportunities for players to communicate with one another and the brand.

What are the future plans for Three Six Five Games?

  • Three Six Five Games intends to continue inventing and extending its gaming offerings, notably in virtual reality and AI-powered games. Their goal is to become the top game provider in the online casino business while keeping high quality and fair requirements.

Which corporate social responsibility activities do Three Six Five Games support?

  • Three Six Five Games supports a variety of corporate social responsibility programs, including supporting responsible gaming, donating to charitable causes centered on education, healthcare, and environmental conservation, and incorporating eco-friendly methods into their operations.
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