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Spadegaming, founded in 2007, has established itself as a notable Asian gaming distributor. Spadegaming at Royal Win known for its unique game design and engaging aspects, has continuously pushed the bounds of inventiveness. By 2013, they had made a big shift toward mobile gaming, firmly establishing themselves as pioneers in the field of tablet and smartphone games. Their portfolio includes ethnic variety and cutting-edge features like Megaways™, demonstrating their commitment to providing entertaining and unique gaming experiences.

Spadegaming’s adventure began in 2007, with a desire to transform the gaming industry. They have changed greatly throughout time, adapting to new technology and trends to remain competitive in the iGaming sector. Spadegaming’s commitment to excellence has been unwavering from its inception and has helped it become a well-known name in the industry.

Regulation and Licensing

Spadegaming card takes regulatory compliance very seriously because it is critical to the iGaming industry. With a number of licenses and certificates under their belt, they make sure their games are trustworthy, safe, and equitable by following tight regulations. The fact that they are devoted to upholding strict regulations and licenses is demonstrated by this. Players are safeguarded, and Spadegaming’s industry standing is improved, by its compliance with these standards. 

To make sure companies adhere to all regulations, independent third parties put their games through extensive testing and audits. Spadegaming guarantees all players a transparent and reliable gaming experience by putting regulatory compliance first. As a result, their reputation as a trustworthy and moral game provider is further cemented. Their thoroughness also helps them establish and preserve excellent connections with regulatory agencies and gaming authorities across the world.

Security and Fair Play

Spadegaming’s key priorities are safeguarding player security and encouraging fair play. To safeguard player information and guarantee a secure gaming environment, they use strong security measures. Spadegaming card protects private data with cutting-edge encryption methods, averting data breaches and unwanted access. Furthermore, by ensuring that every player has an equal opportunity of winning, their dedication to fair play standards builds credibility and trust. 

They use randomly generated numbers (RNGs), which are independently audited and validated on a regular basis, to ensure the integrity of their games. This guarantees completely impartial and random game results. In addition, Spadegaming card continuously monitors and upgrades its security procedures in order to be ahead of possible attacks. By putting security and fairness first, Spadegaming not only conforms to industry norms but also boosts player confidence and happiness, guaranteeing a dependable and entertaining gaming experience for everyone.

Few Games Provided by Spadegaming at Royal Club



  • In Belangkai, participants guess the outcome after a spinner with four distinct symbols is covered in a bowl. When the outcome is announced, place your bet on the winning symbol or combinations of up to three symbols!

Special Feature

  • You have the opportunity to double your gains on any bet! Bonus symbols occur randomly around the board. If any lands on a winning bet, you will receive a double payment!


  • Time left to bet before the round concludes
  • Tap on the location you wish to wager on.
  • To select chips, simply click or tap the token.
  • After you’ve put your bet, more of the best actions will become available!
  • The results of previous rounds are listed here.


Game Rules

  • Banker: This game starts with a banker’s position steal. The player who has this round’s Banker will be the player with the highest snatching multiple(s). When the same multiple(s) are selected, the player with greater gameplay chips has a larger possibility of being the Banker. If there’s no action within the snatching phase, the system will not snatch. If none of these players snatch the spot, and the system will randomly select the participant to be the banker.
  • Players: Once the banker has made a decision, the player begins watering the number of multiple(s). Players who have more gaming chips may be able to wager more. If no action is taken throughout the betting period, the algorithm will choose the lowest multiple(s) that are generated automatically.
  • Deal: After all players have placed their bets, the system deals each person 5 cards.
  • Check: Players begin to perform card checks.
  • Compare: After the check, all players expose their cards. The players only compare with the bankers; they do not compare to one another. 


Game Rules

  • Bet: The game starts with the participant wagering the number of multiples.
  • Deal: Once the player has determined the multiple(s), the system distributes five cards to each player.
  • Check: Players begin to perform card checks.
  • Compare: All players expose their cards and compare. The player with the highest-ranked card type will win. Other players will pay according to the settlement terms.

Card Types

  • Card Deck: 10, J, Q, and K are calculated as ten points, while other cards are counted according to their figures.
  • No Bull: The sum of any three cards does not always equal multiple.
  • With Ball, the sum of any three cards is a multiple of ten, but the sum of the other two cards is not. The ball count is the single digit that comes from adding the two cards together.
  • Big Bull: The sum of any three cards is a multiple of 10, as are the sums of the remaining two cards.
  • 4 Face Bull: Four of the five cards are face cards (J, Q, and K), with the fifth card being a 10.
  • 5 Face Bull: Five cards are face cards (J, Q, and K).
  • Bomb: Four out of five cards are the same, while the fifth card may be random.
  • 5 Small Ball: The figure for all cards is less than five points, and the total value is less than or equal to ten points.

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Future Prospects

Spadegaming card has a lot of great things planned for the future. They keep coming up with new ideas and expanding what they have to offer with upcoming games and features. In order to remain at the forefront of the iGaming business and provide players with even more inventive and engaging experiences, their long-term goal involves investigating new technologies and trends. To improve player engagement and game customisation, they are especially focused on incorporating AI and machine learning. 

In addition, Spadegaming card is investigating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies in order to produce more immersive gaming environments. In order to reach a worldwide audience, they also intend to increase their footprint in new regions by forming partnerships with more foreign operators. Spadegaming wants to create new benchmarks in the market and stay a top supplier of games for a very long time by always changing and adapting. As they want to not only amuse but also have a beneficial impact on the communities they serve, their dedication to sustainability and corporate social responsibility will also be crucial.


What is Spadegaming known for?

  • Spadegaming card is well-known for its inventive game design, cultural diversity in games, and pioneering work in mobile gaming. They are known for their Asian-themed slot games and utilization of the Megaways™ feature.

When did Spadegaming begin focusing on mobile gaming?

  • Spadegaming card began focusing on mobile gaming in 2013, responding to the growing trend and demand for smartphone-compatible games. This strategy decision has propelled them to the top of the mobile iGaming rankings.

How does Spadegaming card use cultural factors in their games?

  • Spadegaming incorporates diverse cultural themes into its games, gaining inspiration from numerous locations and traditions throughout the world. To create unique and engaging experiences, game designers incorporate folklore, mythology, and traditional symbols.

What sets Spadegaming apart in the iGaming industry?

  • Spadegaming card stands out for its dedication to unique game design, rich cultural features, emphasis on mobile gaming, and the use of cutting-edge technology. Their commitment to player participation and fair play also distinguishes them.

How does Spadegaming card protect the security of player information?

  • Spadegaming card protects player data with powerful encryption technology and stringent security measures. They are constantly monitoring and updating their security systems to prevent illegal access and provide a safe gaming environment.

What steps does Spadegaming take to ensure fair play?

  • Spadegaming card employs random number generators (RNGs) that are routinely tested and validated by independent auditors to assure fair and unbiased game results. They also enforce stringent fair play standards to ensure that all players have an equal chance of winning.

What kind of licenses and certifications does Spadegaming hold?

  • Spadegaming has several licenses and certifications from respectable regulatory agencies. These licenses ensure that their games meet tight regulatory requirements for fairness, security, and dependability.

What future technology is Spadegaming researching?

  • Spadegaming card is looking into future technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve game personalization, as well as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to provide more immersive gaming experiences.

How does Spadegaming card help its players?

  • Spadegaming card provides outstanding customer care to help players with any questions or concerns. Their support team is available to provide rapid and effective assistance, providing a positive and trouble-free gaming experience.
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