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Microgaming at Royal Win has been a force in the online gambling and sports betting industries since 1994. Microgaming is a trusted name among regulators and industry leaders around the world, thanks to its reputation for providing powerful, adaptive, and responsible gambling platforms. Their award-winning software enables the world’s largest online gaming companies to provide seamless and responsible gaming experiences to players throughout the globe.

Founded in 1994, Microgaming Card has a long history of innovation and leadership in the online gambling business. From the introduction of the first true online casino software to the development of progressive jackpot networks, Microgaming has consistently established standards. Key achievements include the release of their Viper software in 2002, which transformed gaming platforms, and the establishment of the world’s largest progressive jackpot network, which has paid out more than €1.2 billion to date.

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Core Values and Mission

Microgaming’s basic values are concentrated on providing market-leading platforms while maintaining a strong commitment to responsible gambling. They attempt to develop sturdy and adaptive solutions that fulfill the needs of their clients while adhering to industry regulations. This devotion keeps Microgaming Card at the forefront of the online gambling industry, providing products that are both innovative and trustworthy.

Few Games Provided by Microgaming 


Game Rules

  • Every round, players have 30 seconds to bet.
  • Players can gamble on any combination of colors and animals.
  • The differences between animals and colors are dynamic.
  • Players may also gamble on EE or.
  • TheodonE, and are fixed.
  • The color on the turntable changes after every game.
  • It’s over.


  • HAPPY SPIN: Spin from 1 and 11 times in a single game.
  • KING TIME: Choose one animal of all colors at random in one game.
  • COLORTIME: Choose a color at random from all the animals in one game.
  • BONUS: Randomly multiply the player’s winning score by 2, 3, 4, or 5.


Game Rules

  • Paikang, a popular Thai poker game, is played with four players with a 52-card deck (excluding the Joker). Each will be dealt five cards. The mechanism begins with a random player and works its way clockwise. In each round, a player might draw, challenge, or battle.
  • Draw: Choose a card from the deck, then discard 1 to 4 cards (the discards should be the same number).
  • Challenge: The player who initiated the challenge compares cards with the other three players.
  • Fight: The player may discard 1 to 3 cards of the same number as the preceding player’s discard(s) without drawing. The assaulted player will be dealt one card worth 0.5x their bet.
  • Point: A equals one point. The card number corresponds to a point on a scale of 2 to 10. J, Q, and K all equal ten points.

Wayy to Win

  • Challenge: The player who initiated the challenge compares cards with the other three players. If the Challenger has the lowest score, the player wins; otherwise, he loses the Challenge. (If two or more players finish with the same number of points, the Challenger wins.)
  • Dual: In the case that the deck is entirely depleted and there is no winner, a Duel will be held, with the person with the lowest point winning. (*If two or more players finish with the same number of points, the one closest to the starting wins.)
  • Clear: A player can clear their hand by either fighting or drawing. Payout chances vary depending on how the hand is cleared.
  • Special hand: If the player is dealt a special hand at the start, they will immediately.


Game Rules

  • Domino Golem, a western tile-based game, is played by four people.
  • One Domino set (28 tiles) is utilized, with each player receiving 7 tiles.
  • The algorithm randomly selects one person to start the game, and the remaining players follow clockwise.
  • Players place clay tiles in the open ends of the domino arrangement in turn, with tiles of the same number adjacent to each other.
  • (If you have a matching tile in hand, you cannot pass.)
  • Normal Ending: When a player runs out of tiles, the game ends.
  • Dead End: When a game is blocked and no player may play tile, the game is done.


  • Normal Ending: The player who runs out of tiles first wins.
  • Dead End: The player whose total points from unplayed tiles are the lowest wins. If both players have the same number of points, the person with the fewest total points on a single tile wins. If the total points of a single file are the same, the one with the fewest not on top of the smallest-point title wins.

Initiatives for Responsibly Played Games

Microgaming has a strong commitment to ethical gambling. They offer a number of tools and resources, such as deposit caps, reality checks, and self-exclusion choices, to assist gamers in controlling their gaming habits. A key component of their operation is their commitment to player welfare, which guarantees a secure and responsible gaming environment.

In order to help players understand the value of responsible gaming, Microgaming Card also provides thorough teaching materials about the dangers of gambling and supports awareness initiatives. They collaborate closely with several groups that support people who gamble in order to offer resources and support. Furthermore, Microgaming’s platforms include advanced algorithms to identify and stop compulsive gambling tendencies, so intervention measures can be put in place right away. This proactive stance demonstrates their dedication to building a strong and long-lasting gaming community.

Safety Procedures

Microgaming Card places a high premium on security. They use cutting-edge data security procedures to guarantee the security and safety of player data. Their usage of random number generators (RNGs) and other technology that preserve the integrity of their games also demonstrates their dedication to fair play. 

Modern encryption methods are also used by Microgaming Card to protect user information and transactions from online dangers. To maintain the highest levels of cybersecurity, independent third parties conduct frequent security audits and evaluations of their systems. In addition, Microgaming Card has put strong fraud detection procedures in place to spot and stop any fraudulent activity, guaranteeing a safe and reliable gaming environment for every player. Their commitment to safeguarding both their operators and gamers is demonstrated by their all-encompassing security strategy.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Microgaming’s success is heavily dependent on smart partnerships and collaborations. Microgaming’s scope and offerings continue to grow as it collaborates with other industry leaders and innovators. These collaborations enable them to stay on the bleeding edge of technology and industry trends, providing greater products and services to their clientele. 

Microgaming Card works with a wide range of partners, including game developers, payment processors, and regulatory authorities, to provide a comprehensive and smooth gaming environment. Their collaborations with top-tier developers like as Just For The Win, All41 developers, and Triple Edge Studios have resulted in an extensive and diverse game catalog that appeals to a global audience. Furthermore, Microgaming’s participation in industry forums and groups means that they are actively contributing to the advancement of gaming standards and practices. This collaborative approach not only improves their creative capabilities, but it also strengthens their reputation as a trustworthy and forward-thinking leader in the online gaming business.


What is Microgaming?

  • Microgaming Card is a leading developer of online gaming software and technology, renowned for its reliable, adaptive, and responsible casino and sportsbook systems. They have been leading the industry since 1994.

How long has Microgaming Card existed in the industry?

  • Microgaming was formed in 1994 and has over 25 years of expertise providing industry-leading gaming solutions.

How does Microgaming Card ensure that games are fair?

  • Microgaming Card uses random number generators (RNGs) to ensure that their games are fair and random. In addition, independent agencies audit and certify their items on a regular basis.

What actions does Microgaming take to promote responsible gaming?

  • Microgaming offers tools including self-exclusion, deposit limitations, reality checks, and educational materials. They also work with gambling support organizations to encourage responsible gambling.

How does Microgaming safeguard player information?

  • Microgaming uses strong data protection protocols, cutting-edge encryption techniques, and frequent security audits to protect player data and ensure secure transactions.

In what markets does Microgaming operate?

  • Microgaming has a global footprint, operating in a variety of markets worldwide. They customize their products to match the unique demands and regulatory requirements of each market.

What distinguishes Microgaming Card from other gaming software providers?

  • Microgaming Card is distinguished for its long history of invention, extensive game library, dedication to responsible gaming, cutting-edge technology, and strict regulatory compliance.

What are Microgaming’s future plans?

  • Microgaming Card intends to continue increasing its game portfolio, improving sportsbook solutions, and entering new markets. They are also focusing on incorporating new technology to preserve their industry leadership.
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