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Though new players are always joining the scene, the iGaming industry is always changing, and few have had as big of an influence as King Midas Card Games. Since its founding in 2018, this forward-thinking business—formerly known as Kingmaker Games—has quickly taken the lead in the sector. King Midas Games at Royal Win has raised the bar for what gamers may anticipate from their iGaming experience by combining a novel blend of interaction, entertainment, and top-notch games.

2018 saw the launch of King Midas Games, a rebranding from its previous name, Kingmaker Games. With this calculated decision, the corporation entered a new phase that is consistent with its goal of offering top-notch entertainment. The company’s goal was very apparent from the beginning: to enthrall viewers everywhere with a unique offering that provides a substitute for current iGaming industry possibilities. Their success has been based on this idea, which inspires creativity and quality in each game they create.

Innovation and Technology

A major factor in the creation of King Midas Card Games is technology. They use the most recent developments to produce visually gorgeous, highly interactive, and captivating games. A few instances of how they are pushing the envelope in iGaming are innovations like AI-driven game mechanics and real-time multiplayer features. Modern graphics and sound design are also incorporated by King Midas Card Games to improve the player’s immersive experience. They ensure that every player has a distinct and customized experience by personalizing games through the use of machine learning techniques. They consistently provide new, thrilling, and cutting-edge gaming experiences because of their dedication to staying ahead of technical developments.

Market Position and Competitiveness

In the competitive world of iGaming, King Midas Card Games has established a strong position for itself. Their competitive advantages include a commitment to innovation, high-quality entertainment, and a thorough grasp of player preferences. These features have helped them stand out in a crowded market and retain a dedicated player base. Furthermore, their smart marketing efforts and collaborations with key industry stakeholders have increased their brand awareness. By regularly offering high-quality games and responding quickly to market changes, King Midas Card Games not only retains its present players but also steadily grows its audience. Their dedication to excellence and adaptability guarantees that they remain a dominant force in the iGaming industry.

Popular King Midas Card Games 



  • 7 Up 7 Down is a basic game with two 6-sided dice.
  • 7 UP calculates the sum of the two dice above 7.
  • 7 DOWN calculates the sum of the two dice below 7.
  • 7 determines that the sum of the two faces is exactly 7.

Game Rules

  • Click /  Tap token to select chips.
  • Tap on the center of the area yoou want to be on.
  • More bet actions will be available once you have  placed down your bet.
  • Tap to toggle and view the roadmap results after each round
  • Time left for betting before the round ends.



  • Andar Baahar is a basic card game that comes from
  • Southern India. There are two sides to wager on, known as:
  • “Anger” and “Bear”. The first card taken is put in the center.
  • And the rest are allotted to each.Take each side in turn. The side of the first middle
  • The card wins. The core game is entertaining on its own, but the internal bets complete this game package.
  • To add to the excitement, 9 more attractive additional bets have been included.



  • Poker Roulette is a simple double wheel roulette game in which the playing cards J,Q,K, and suits serve as symbols. Following each spin, the symbol and suit that falls within the pointer at the top center of the wheel determines the ultimate outcome. 

Special Feature

  • You have the possibility to double your winnings on any bet! Bonus symbols are distributed randomly over the board, and if any appear on a winning wager, you will receive double the payoff!



  • Sic Bo is played with three dice containing six numbers.
  • Predict the outcome and select a variety of options.
  • bet on them. May your favorite numbers win!

Special Feature

  • You have the opportunity to double your gains on any bet!
  • Bonus symbols are randomly distributed around the board, If any lands on a winning bet, you will receive double the payoff!



  • Sic Bo is played with three dice containing six digits each.
  • Predict the outcome and select a range of options to wager on them. May your preferred numbers win!
  • To select chips, simply click or tap the token.
  • Once you’ve placed your bet, you’ll be able to perform additional activities.
  • Time remaining for betting before the round concludes.
  • Tap on the center of the area you want to be in.
  • The bet outcomes are available after each round.

Special feature

  • You may double your gains on any bet!
  • Bonus symbols are distributed randomly throughout the board, if any lands on a winning bet, you’ll get double the payoff!

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What distinguishes King Midas Games in the iGaming industry?

  • King Midas Games stands out because of its original game concepts, dedication to high-quality entertainment, and emphasis on user experience. They constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in iGaming, providing gamers with a unique and interesting experience.

How can King Midas Card Games ensure top-notch entertainment?

  • The company provides high-quality entertainment by combining engaging gaming and cutting-edge technologies. They focus user-centric design and often update their games based on player feedback to keep them fresh and exciting.

What are some of King Midas Card  Games’ most popular games?

  • Some of King Midas Card Games’ most popular titles include Speed Racer Madness, Jungle Run, and Survival Quest. These games are renowned for their distinct features, gorgeous graphics, and captivating gameplay.

How does the company intend to stay competitive in the industry?

  • King Midas Card Games intends to remain competitive by continuing to develop and push the frontiers of iGaming. To stay on top of the industry, they use cutting-edge technology, develop smart partnerships, and prioritize player feedback.

What are the future plans for King Midas Card  Games?

  • King Midas Card Games’ future plans include a number of intriguing projects and game releases. They intend to expand their worldwide audience, improve player experience, and preserve their position as a pioneer in the iGaming sector.

What precautions does the Royal Club take to ensure fair gaming?

  • Royal Club employs Random Number Generators (RNGs) and is subjected to frequent audits by independent third parties to ensure fair and unbiased gaming results.

Can I play for free at Royal Club before betting with real money?

  • Yes, Royal Club has a demo version for several games, allowing players to test them out for free before wagering real money.
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