LongYa Fishing

What is LongYa Fishing?

LongYa Fishing in Royal Win is an immersive online fishing game that transports players on a thrilling undersea journey. LongYa Fishing challenges players to catch a range of colorful and unique fish while navigating magnificent underwater surroundings. LongYa Fishing, with its intriguing gameplay and stunning visuals, provides players with a memorable gaming experience full of thrills and excitement.

How to Play LongYa Fishing?

  • Prepare Your Account: First, you must create your account and deposit your balance so you can set your bet during the game.
  • Cast Your Bet: Depending on the level you are in, place your desired bet. The higher the bet the higher of chances to win big.
  • Catch Different Species: LongYa Fishing offers a diverse range of fish species, each with unique qualities and behaviors. Experiment with various baits and approaches to attract and catch the most elusive fish.
  • Compete against other anglers: LongYa Fishing has multiplayer features that allow you to compete against other players in real-time fishing competitions.

Game Information (Characters)

  • SMALL FISH: Clown fish, Tropical fish, Small, Freshwater fish, Blue
  • MEDIUM FISH: ButterflyFish, Jellyfish, Sea Horse, Puffer, Hammerhead Shark
    Golden Octopus, Golden Stingray, Golden Penguin, Golden Puffer, Golden Carp
    : Kill it will activate the Wheel, giving you a chance to win up to 168 times the bonus!
    Treasure Turtle: Every time you’re not, there is a chance a Coin Pouch will drop and you can get a bonus of up to 20 times!
    Bomb Crab: Hits deal extensive area damage and can kill up to 10 additional fish.
    Round Bird: After launching, Round Bird will run through the fishes and have a chance to catch the fish.(In case of disconnection, the status will not be retained)
  • BOSS FISH MULTIPLIERCrystal Hermit Crab, Golden Horn King Crab
  • IMMORTAL BOSS FISH MULTIPLIERChill Shark King, Golden Dragon King


  • When a player catches a Golden Dragon King, the wheel will be activated.
  • If a multiplier is obtained from the reel, the player will get the corresponding bonus immediately.
  • If a player obtains the GOLDEN WHEEL, the Golden Reel will be activated, giving out high multiplier reel up to 380x bonuses.


  • The Poseidon For asus 6x the bat to launch an attack, which will cause 6x damage and increase the chance of a kill. However, when a fish is killed, only 1x the best is used to calculate the payout.
  • Beats for bullets determined to be invalid will be returned.


  • Using a Watermelon will deduct 30 times the bet. It can cause a small explosion on the fish field, giving you a chance to hit any fish.
  • When a fish is killed, only 1x the beat is used to calculate the payout.


  • Activate when the energy bar on the left side of the screen is full.
  • Up to 10 times in total.
  • A Thunderbolt that uses the current bet to launch a full-range attack.
  • The larger the bat, the faster the energy bar accumulates.
  • After changing the Game Room, Game Lobby, or exiting the game, or if the browser reload the page, the energy bar will be reset to zero.
  • In the event of a game failure, all payments and games will be deemed invalid.

Strategies for Playing LongYa Fishing

  • Study Fish Behavior: Certain fish may appear to be hooked more easily by a particular techinque while others may prefer feeding at a certain depth in the water.
  • Explore Different Fishing Spots: Don’t be restricted to only your reservoir for fishing. Move around and examine different spots and biomes, that will be rewarded with new fish species and incredible rewards.
  • Participate in Tournaments: Competing against experienced anglers would be an opportunity to learn the art of precise angling and the way you can up your fishing levels.
  • Stay Patient and Persistent: To be a player one needs to have patience and persistence since it is not easy to catch special or high value fish in one time. 

Can You Win Big by Playing LongYa Fishing

Yes, you can win big in LongYa Fishing by catching rare and valuable fish, participating in tournaments, and earning rewards through gameplay achievements. With its dynamic gameplay and diverse range of fishing opportunities, LongYa Fishing offers players the chance to experience the thrill of landing that elusive big catch.

Three Best Casino Platforms to Play LongYa Fishing

  • Royal Club: offers a premier gaming experience with a wide selection of fishing games, including the thrilling LongYa Fishing. With its user-friendly interface and generous bonuses, Royal Club provides the perfect platform for players to immerse themselves in the excitement of fishing and other captivating games.
  • Seven-Slot: LongYa Fishing is one among the many gaming options available on the well-known online casino SevenSlot. SevenSlot offers gamers an exciting and immersive gaming experience with its slick design and large game selection. Enroll in SevenSlot right away to start an amazing fishing journey and win large prizes!
  • SlotCatalog: For anyone interested in playing LongYa Fishing or other new and intriguing casino games, SlotCatalog is a great place to start. SlotCatalog’s extensive game library and intuitive UI make it simple for users to discover new games and return to their favorite fishing games. Enter the LongYa Fishing universe at SlotCatalog and feel the thrill of landing large fish and taking home large winnings!


Will LongYa Fishing work on a smartphone?

  • Indeed, Longya Fishing is available in mobile devices as well. The players can use either their smartphones or tablet by installing the game through the App Store or Google Play Store.

What sort of fish can I catch from LongYa Fishing ?

  • LongYa Fishing offers an extensive selection of fish both common and exotic; each fish has different values.

What kind of fishes LongYa Fishing offers? 

  • There are various kinds of fishes you’ll encounter during the game. It has small, medium, large and etc.

Does LongYa Fishing allow multiplayer game modes with live opponents in real time?

  • Absolutely! With regard to LongYa Fishing, we have multiplayer game modes where players will have the opportunity to participate in tournaments and contests versus other players in real-time gameplay. Test your powers with other players and, by climbing up the rankings, become the king or the queen of fishing.

Are there additional costs and methods of completing the game in LongYa Fishing?

  • Yes, LongYa Fishing is capable of giving players this option to purchase for those willing to spend more money, either for a more enjoyable gaming experience or to progress more quickly. These purchases often constitute buying of supplementary fishing kits, lures, and modification or beautification of the boats. Though gamers might take a delight in the game without any buy-in.
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