Dragon Tiger

What is Dragon Tiger?

Played with ordinary card decks, Royal Win Dragon Tiger is a streamlined version of Baccarat. You wager on which hand “Tiger” or “Dragon” will draw the highest card. The game is renowned for its simple gameplay and short rounds, and it usually uses a single deck.

How to Play Dragon Tiger?

  • Placing Bets – Players place bets by guessing which hand the “Tiger” or the “Dragon” will draw the highest card.
  • Dealing Cards –¬†Without dealing with any more cards or following any drawing guidelines, the dealer deals one card face up to the “Dragon” and “Tiger” hands.
  • Comparing Hands – When two hands are compared, the highest card in the hand wins. In the event of a tie, the player receives a push and keeps half of the wager.
  • Winning Payouts – Winning wagers on the right hand are paid out at even money, less a tiny commission that is typically deducted by the house.


  • Simple Gameplay – It offers straightforward rules, making it easy for new players to learn and enjoy.
  • Fast Paced – Rounds are quick, allowing for rapid gameplay and potential winnings in a short amount of time.
  • Equal Odds – The game offers near 50/50 odds on most bets, providing a fair and balanced playing field.


  • Limited Betting Options – Players may have less alternatives when playing Dragon Tiger than when playing certain other casino games because it offers fewer betting options.
  • House Commission – Winning bets usually incur a tiny commission fee from casinos, which lowers total winnings.
  • Dependency on Luck – like many casino games, mainly depends on luck as opposed to skill or strategy, which could put off some players.

Risk of Playing

Like any gambling, there are hazards involved when playing Dragon Tiger. Gamers should establish boundaries, bet sensibly, and recognise that luck, not skill, determines the outcome.

Best Casino to Play Dragon Tiger

The ideal casino to play Dragon Tiger at will rely on a number of variables, including user experience overall, game selection, bonus offers, and reputation. Reputable online casinos with a reputation for carrying Dragon Tiger games include:

  • Royal Win Casino – is well-known for offering a first-rate user experience. It provides a large assortment of games, so gamers have lots of possibilities. Furthermore, Royal Win Casino frequently gives alluring bonus deals to improve players’ gaming experiences.
  • 888 Casino – is well-known for its vast game selection and excellent gaming environment. 888 Casino, a well-known player in the market, has a wide selection of games. When playing at 888 Casino, players can anticipate a flawless gaming experience, substantial bonuses, and dependable customer service.
  • Betfair Casino – is a well-liked option. Betfair Casino makes sure that players have a seamless and entertaining gaming experience with its user-friendly platform and first-rate customer support. Additionally, Betfair Casino frequently offers alluring bonuses and promotions, giving its customers even more value.
  • Casumo Casino – distinguishes itself by providing players with an enjoyable and captivating experience. Casumo Casino offers in addition to a wide range of games, satisfying the needs of gamers seeking a variety of gaming experiences. Gamers may anticipate a lively and engaging atmosphere at together with frequent incentives and promotions.


What distinguishes Baccarat from Dragon Tiger?

Although both games are Asian in origin, Baccarat entails guessing which hand will have a total that is closest to nine, whereas Dragon Tiger involves betting on which hand will receive the highest card.

Is Dragon Tiger an appropriate game for novices?

Yes, because to its straightforward rules and quick-paced gameplay, Dragon Tiger is regarded as appropriate for novices.

What is Dragon Tiger's home commission?

In Dragon Tiger, house commissions on winning wagers normally vary from 5% to 7%.

Is it possible to use tactics to win?

While some players might try to use betting techniques, keep in mind that it is essentially a game of chance, thus the usefulness of strategies may be restricted.

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