Big Hammer

What is Big Hammer?

Big Hammer in Royal Win is an exciting slot game that features different levels and a variety of animals as symbols. The game includes normal animals like rabbits, mice, dogs, and cats, as well as special animals like the golden rat. Killing the golden rat rewards players with a lucky bag and a random bonus ranging from x33 to x45, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the gameplay.

Big Hammer is a game that is enhanced by its bright graphics and intriguing sound effects, in addition to its engaging mechanics. Different bonus rounds and unique elements that raise the likelihood of big wins are also available to players. Big Hammer has gained popularity among players looking for an exciting and lucrative slot game because of its appealing graphics, exciting gameplay, and potential for large payouts.

 How to Play Big Hammer?

  • Target Normal Animals: your objective is to target both normal animals and special animals to win rewards. Each animal has a different value, so choose your targets wisely.
  • Aim and Shoot: Use your skills to aim at the animals and shoot them down. The accuracy of your shot will determine your success in hunting the animals.
  • Collect Rewards: For every successful attack on an animal, you will receive rewards. Special animals like the golden rat offer additional rewards, such as lucky bags and random bonuses ranging from x33 to x45.
  • Keep Hunting: Continue hunting animals to collect more rewards and increase your chances of winning big.

Strategies for Playing Big Hammer

  • Aim for Special Animals: Targeting special animals, such as the golden rat, is important because they offer greater prizes.
  • Control Your Shots: To ensure that every shot counts, pay close attention to your ammo and aim correctly.
  • Gather Special Rewards: To improve your chances of receiving bonuses, concentrate on gathering rewards from special animals.

Can You Win Big by Playing Big Hammer?

Yes, playing Big Hammer can bring you a lot of money, particularly if you focus on and capture unique animals’ prizes. Numerous incentives are available in the game, such as random bonuses and fortunate bags, which can lead to significant wins.  

Three Best Casino Platforms to Play Big Hammer

  • Royal Club: is a profitable and entertaining slot game that players may play on Royal Club. The platform is a great option for gamers searching for engaging gameplay because it offers a safe gaming environment in addition to several bonus features.
  • Vegas Slot Online: is one of the slot games available at Vegas Slots Online, which offers players a vibrant and interesting gaming environment. The platform is a reliable source for gamers looking for high-caliber amusement because it provides useful reviews and guides.
  • Twin: Twin provides players with the chance to bash their way to massive victory by including Big Hammer in its assortment of varied games. Players looking for an interesting slot game journey will find the platform to be their first pick due to its smooth gaming experience and exciting bonus features. 


Is Big Hammer accessible for mobile devices?

  • Yes, it is optimized for mobile play and can be played on smartphones and tablets.

Can I play Big Hammer for free?

  • Some casinos may provide a demo version for free play.

Do you have any tips for winning at this kind of game?

  • Aim carefully and focus on specific creatures to boost your chances of winning big.

What is the RTP (Return to Player) for this game?

  • The RTP of Big Hammer can vary, but it is usually around 95%.

Is there a progressive jackpot in this game?

  • Some versions of Big Hammer may include progressive jackpots, which allow players to win higher rewards. 
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